Out of the Blue is a unique documentary that takes a sharp and zany look at our relationship with whales and dolphins through a vibrant mosaic of breathtaking high quality natural history footage, interviews, drama, and animation.
We think we know everything about whales and dolphins. We hunt them, save them, study them and treat them as pets; some even worship them. What do we truly know about these underwater mammals...

Out of the Blue is a film about mans’ relationship with cetaceans. It is a collage of obsession, a metaphor for the madness of man, a reflection seen in their eyes. The film is built around many stories filmed and presented as short films, each with their own style and character. They resemble the pieces of a mosaic; together building a whole. OUT OF THE BLUE is a well-rounded representation of these underwater creatures that will engage its audience. Each segment is carefully structured into a coherent whole.

Whales inspire a fascination in all age groups unlike any other species. They are the only animals that exhibit a true curiosity for humans. This film is about revelation, entertainment and peppered with star performances by the whales and dolphins.