The world’s highest peak and Tanzania’s majestic mountain, the Kilimanjaro, is a beacon for visitors from all around the world. The slopes of the Kili give way to lush montane forest, inhabited by elusive elephants.

In the shadows of the Kili lies Arusha national park, which has the highest concentration of giraffes in the world. With their long necks and elastic tongues, they reach for the leaves on top of the trees, leaving lower situated greens for other animals. This way they can easily coexist with other species. In the shallow waters of the alkaline Momela stand lucid pink flamingos. They lower their necks and sweep their heads from side to side just below the water surface to collect their food. Close lie the dense forest slopes of Mount Meru, home to many antelopes, such as dik-diks. When you seen one of these, you will often find a second, as they live in monogamous pairs and mate for life. Surrounded by predators, it would be dangerous to explore the savanna, looking for a new partner. It is therefore to be hoped for a dik-dik couple to live happy ever after.