Zanzibar is an island, well known for its species, located around 30 kilometers from Tanzania’s mainland. In the past, it fell under control of the Sultanate of Oman. Nowadays Zanzibar is associated with miles of white sandy palm fringed beaches and crystal clear water, home to a pristine and tropical marine and sea life. Zanzibar’s Jozani forest is a hotspot of biodiversity and home to diverse endemic species, such as the red colobus monkey. Troops can be found bouncing from branch to branch, in search for food. Feeding is a morning and afternoon group activity. Loud sounds made by males indicate when the group is ready to move on and feed on the next tree.

On another part of Tanzania’s ocean front lies Saadani National Park. This is a place where green savanna grass lands meet the beach. Buffaloes roam over Saadani’s evergreen grassland. A powerful frame and huge horns makes it a formidable, yet dangerous creature. Large herds are the best protection against predators, such as lions and leopards. Oxpeckers spend a lot of time feeding of the buffaloes back and the little birds warn for potential predators. These symbiotic couples face a safe and stable future together in the grasslands of Saadani National Park.