Tanzania’s lesser known Mikumi National Park is a true untouched wilderness with diverse species of wildlife. Impalas are common around Mikumi’s plains. Herd vary from just a few to a hundred strong, all kept under the watchful eye of a dominant male. When alarmed, impalas can run at very high speeds and jump to heights of 3 meters to escape from their predators. Lions also roam the plains of Mikumi. Spotting a group of wildebeest is often promising, as lions prey heavily on these antelopes. Although lions are designed to hunt, most of their attempts fail and the big cats are yet again unlucky today. They retreat in the trees, awaiting a new opportunity.

South of Mikumi lie the Udzungwa Mountains, sometimes referred to as the “Africa Galapagos”, due to its hidden treasures of endemic flora and fauna. The primate species living around Udzungwa Mountains are specifically special, as these occur nowhere else in the world. One of these species is the mangabey monkey. These primates are real acrobats and the do not mind swinging the branches while hanging upside down. The Udzungwa Mountains are one of Tanzania’s most outstanding and pristine paradises. To visit a truly untainted world, look no further than Udzungwa.