Babies of the Plains sets place in the Serengeti, where we find a celebration of wildlife. Africa’s great rift valley snakes through the boundaries and national parks, where over 25,000 large animal species thrive in the bordering plains; from gazelles to hyenas, buffalo to cheetahs. The predators and their prey share the same grounds of the Serengeti, and the plains are one of the most exciting places on earth to witness the circle of life in action.

The endless short grass plains are the signature look of Africa. Out here mother animals give birth to their vulnerable young. Male lions as well as opportunistic hyenas will think nothing of taking the lives of the little cubs, sometimes to feed but also to cut out future competition. It is ever important for the mothers to keep their youngsters hidden, until they are older and able to take care of themselves.

The most aggressive predators turn in to the most caring mothers once they have given birth to their young. For example, the seemingly mean and nasty hyena is one of the most caring mothers of the Serengeti. She cares solely for her young for over a year and would fight till death to protect them.

It is spring in the Serengeti and in a three-week period half a million calves will be born on the plains. The mothers first move is to get her young on their feet as soon as possible. After all, the young need to be able to keep up with their mothers at all times. It is the power of mother love that keeps the youngsters alive. Many of the animals need to keep moving with their cubs to lessen the smell of her young, so the predators, like male lions, won’t be able to find them.

Mothers in every corner of the plains, near the rivers and in the acacia forest would give their lives to protect their offspring. With their young being under constant danger, being a parent in Africa is a stressful occupation. Youngsters everywhere seem to have boundless energy and a curiosity about anything new they come across. When they get older their instincts will become sharpened and they will form coalitions of their own. The grown cubs will build their lives on the vast plains of the Serengeti, completing the circle of life by creating their own generation. But for the moment they stay playful little creatures with high spirited natures needing constant care of their watchful mothers.